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Mother Sues Marvel Over Son Jumping Out Of Window, “Obsessed With Spider-Man”

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12-year-old Aaron Clinton was a child “obsessed with Spider-Man,” according to his mother. He was so enthralled by the superhero that he tried to actually be the web-slinger, jumping out of the sixth story window of his apartment. Aaron’s mother blames the Spider-Man franchise for her son’s untimely death, claiming that obsessions with Spider-Man made children like him, and others around the world, believe they can be superheroes. Her exact statement is as follows:

“After seeing that movie yesterday, he became obsessed with Spider-Man and has been only been talking about him since he saw the movie. It’s all Marvel’s fault for making kids think they can be superheroes.”

Aaron’s mother is suing for a crisp $50 million. The lawsuit was filed only three hours after Aaron’s death.

This news isn’t so odd, surprisingly. When trying to do more research into Aaron’s unfortunate death, it turned out many kids have jumped out of buildings in an attempt to be Spider-Man.

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Credit: Courtesy of Google

It’s unfortunate that such a storied and iconic franchise like that of Spider-Man is convincing kids that they can do things they never dreamed of. Well, it’s a good lesson to teach, except they should hopefully understand that that doesn’t necessarily mean developing superpowers.

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  • mike

    this is an absolutely terrible story, but how can a family not arm their children with the difference between fiction and reality. Parents that want the world to raise their children well instead of taking responsibility themselves lose any respect or sympathy I have for them. Don’t get me wrong, my heart goes out to the child but how can you expect the world to sterilize it’s self for you.I’m trying very hard not to be offensive or heartless but to me this seems like it is either a grief ridden mother, angry and looking to blame someone, or a selfish opportunist. Either way it is a mistaken attempt at justice.

  • Chad

    Hey, it’s Obama’s America – blame everyone else but yourself. What a shame this country is so down the toilet.

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