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Let’s start out by getting one thing straight: Gwen Stefani does not sing “Fancy.” I know. I was completely caught off guard, too. Like, showing up for your hair appointment a day late type of caught off guard — it left me feeling disappointed, but I welcomed the opportunity to get to know a new face.

Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s observe father-daughter bonding at its greatest.

Starting out by joking about all of the “Let It Go” lip-sync videos, which are totally getting old, these two make the most of their drive along what seems to be a lovely land of picket fences and lush greenery by pretending to sing Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” together. And no, the props are not forgotten.

As a side note, the girl could totally be a future model (don’t do it, girl; it’ll kill your soul) and the dad clearly stopped giving a sh*t about what people thought about him a long time ago. Family, first. Admirable.

Check out the video below, and share your thoughts on the lip-syncing movement going viral lately in the comments below!

IMAGE: YouTube

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A man in Pakistan, Mohammad Arif, was arrested recently when the head of a dead, two-day-old baby was found at his home after police were called to investigate a foul smell concerning the accused’s neighbors.

His brother, Farman Ali, supposedly grave-robbed for the child, after which they cooked and ate it.

Although there is no law against cannibalism in Pakistan, Arif had already spent two years in jail for a similar offense in 2011 when he ate the leg of a dead cancer patient who had also been scavenged from a gravesite. He was charged with the desecration of a dead body among other offenses.

Clearly, the obsession for human flesh is concerning as he continues to come back for more. He is expected to undergo a skew of psychiatric evaluations in the upcoming days. Ali, the brother who recovered the baby’s body from the Earth, is now missing. The two lived alone in their home, abandoned by their families for reasons we can only assume are disturbing.

Click here to watch the video report of the incident.

SOURCE: SMH | The Huffington PostAOL

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I think it’s safe to say that we’d all rather not be confused for being pregnant if we are not, in fact, pregnant. It is a major no-no for onlookers and a major ouchie when unwarranted congratulations get thrown around.

Pink can relate to the pregnancy issues. No, that doesn’t mean complications related to being pregnant. That means being the center of pregnancy-fueled rumors when she is not, in fact, pregnant.

The good news is Pink can laugh it off with a casual Twitter post that wins over our cookie-loving souls:

Credit: Courtesy of Twitter

Credit: Courtesy of Twitter

According to The Huffington Post, Pink’s husband Carey Hart was caught rubbing her belly and that is when the talk began, stemming from an article in OK! Magazine. The two have adamantly disregarded the rumors since then.

Anyway, don’t worry about the food baby, girl. I feel the same way after I eat at Chipotle. Haters can keep hating.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post | Twitter
IMAGES: Twitter | Melty FR

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What is ASMR, you ask?

It stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and according to Thought Catalog, it is:

“…a tingling, buzzing, warm, relaxing sensation that runs through your brain and all over your body when triggered by a certain stimulus. For some people, it ends in sleep. For others, it results in a sort of meditative state, where your whole body is buzzing for a prolonged period of time, wave after wave of tingles coming over you. In short, we sometimes call them ‘orgasms for your brain.’”

Sounds pretty wild, right? Just don’t take that description too seriously. It isn’t a sexual experience at all, but it leaves people who are familiar with the sensations in a state of total relaxation. You may be one of those people and not even know it until after you’ve tried a variety of ASMR-specific settings. Take me, for example! I only realized certain sounds could lull me into a bizarre state of calm after hearing my college Spanish teacher read vocabulary words, leaving me half asleep after a cup of strong coffee. Something about how she read the lists would give me tingles every single time and I never wanted to miss those classes. I thought I had gone nuts.

How do you know where to start?

Some people are more susceptible to visual triggers. For example, I go limp when watching people stroke their own hands or move their hands slowly across the screen, as seen in a few videos below. People who prefer visual triggers also tend to like watching people draw things, circle things in magazines, role play with non-sexual intentions, and even observe page turning or the illusion of putting on makeup with a soft brush.

Other people prefer auditory triggers. I love a good hair brushing or leather scratching sound. Many people enjoy whispers, ear blowing that is incredibly relaxing when done from ear to ear through headphones, and also the sounds of tapping on different hard surfaces.

Whatever the sound or visual trigger, there is a YouTube video dedicated to it. While it can take you some time to find one that works well for you, the triggers may be enough to lull you to sleep when you are having difficult nights or take you away from the stress of work on your lunch break. Check out the sampling of ASMR videos below and then continue your own search on YouTube for true relaxation!

IMAGE: Planet Ivy

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22-year-old Elliot Rodger, son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger, went on a shooting rampage on Friday night at 9:30. He killed six and wounded 13 in Santa Barbara. Among the dead were his roommates, whom he stabbed, and girls who had sexually rejected him.

In earlier run-ins with the cops, he was considered a “perfectly polite, kind, and wonderful human being,” according to NY Daily News. He legally owned several weapons, including a Glock 34, and carried three semiautomatic handguns with him on his spree.

Last night, thousands of students and caring neighbors of the University of California, Santa Barbara participated in a candlelight vigil in remembrance of those lost in Rodger’s unfortunate battle of confidence and self-worth.

The spree may not have been entirely unexpected, however, as Rodger’s family came to police several weeks earlier with concerns over a video in which the killer talks about his urge to murder those who have hurt him. It is not clear what came of that report.

In a later video, posted less than 24 hours before his rampage, he is clear about his motives for his actions. If you choose to watch it, be prepared for a disturbing experience as Rodger talks about being a virgin, his desire for love and sex, and how that has made him feel.

Thankfully, his plan was somewhat less successful than he intended. It just goes to show, however, that risk is not an issue if there is no hope, and this boy had no hope. He admits that if he cannot have one of the hot sorority girls, neither should anyone else, and they should die. It is horrifying and the total number of people affected by the incident is still horribly devastating.

One parent of the dead, Richard Martinez, took the blame out on the NRA and politicians, suggesting regulations are not strong enough. Certainly, this will soon be followed by conspiracy theories from the public, as have other U.S. shootings in recent memory.

SOURCES: NY Daily News | Live Leak
IMAGE: NY Daily News



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Ahh, high school. Good times, right? Well, maybe some of the time. There were the awkward phases and the braces, and of course the love of a classic white-boy choker necklace and starburst backdrop. Let the shame flag wave, and scroll slowly so you don’t miss one second of these old school pictures.

Strike A Pose

Maybe I should look like I’m lost in thought…or checking out a chick…or confused. Yeah, confused sounds like a classic pose.

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Outfits Speak Volumes

You know you’re a badass when you drape yourself in a metallic vest and sport a mohawk.

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

The Internet Miracle

Watch me use this cool device to watch myself look like a loser.

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

When The Bowtie Is Not Enough

The formal attire is cool and all, but I can’t get chicks without rocking a Roman cape while holding a puppy.

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Dolla Bills, Y’all

I’m so rich that I can even afford a t-shirt that looks like a tuxedo.

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Are There Words?

This kid thought he was Will Smith back in the West Philadelphia days of Fresh Prince.

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Such A Lovely Day

No one could frown when he’s so prepared for a rainy day!

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify


Just lasers.

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Credit: Courtesy of Distractify

Do you want to see more? You’re in luck! There are 26 other photos that will seriously send you back in time here at Distractify.


SOURCE: Distractify
IMAGES: Distractify